There are plenty of choices for new floors in the living room, but carpet is a homeowner's favorite. These floors are plush, comfortable, and offer more benefits than expected.

Did you know some carpets are perfect for pet-friendly homes? Here are some facts that could help you find the ideal materials for your remodel.

Carpet brings impressive comfort

There's a reason why parents prefer carpeting in many areas of their home, especially with crawlers and toddlers. These floors offer luxurious plushness, with options that cater to your desired levels.

This softness is also responsible for increased noise reduction for your new floors and a more peaceful atmosphere as long as the flooring is in place. The surfaces also reduce slipping and falling in areas where activity is high.

Durable carpet is a favorite

If you haven't experienced carpet in a while, you might not know how much durability is available. Nylon and polyester have always offered great crush and stain resistance, but there's more.

Now you can find products with stain and odor protection built into the fibers for performance you can count on for years. In addition, our flooring company and manufacturers offer warranties that back these claims so that you can confidently carpet your home.

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